Pankh India

Reusable EcoWear

Masks : for men and women are available, created from high quality fabric. Special designer masks are also available for women.

Cotton Sanitary Napkins (reusable) : an idea that stemmed from the realization that the synthetic material in the disposable sanitary napkins is creating a huge pile of non bio-degradable waste around the world. Our napkins are crafted from the softest cotton and come in convenient packing to carry on the go.

PPE kits : our PPE Kits were the first choice for several hospitals in Belagavi, Chikodi and the surrounding areas during and after the Covid Lockdown. Stitched using the best cotton fabric and using scientific designs, these Kits were the perfect fit for the doctors and healthcare staff in these hospitals.

Kitchen aprons : everyone loves to be clean in the kitchen and an apron comes in handy. Aesthetically designed with strings, these aprons are easy to use and easier to clean.