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Pankh handicrafts has a wide range of ecofriendly products. The women at pankh have been trained by professionals and this can be seen in the quality of the products. Our products are handmade by rural women with an appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs. The products are influenced by our love for timeless design and durable natural materials. Our pieces are made to last, age and evolve for years to come. 

Sometimes, the women who get trained move on with their lives, taking with them the training that they received. Almost all of them have continued utilizing their skills that they have learnt at Pankh. 

During the recent pandemic, Pankh has been relentlessly working to meet the needs of the health workers. As there was (and still is) a tremendous need of PPE kits, masks and other hospital items, Pankh designed and manufactured these items at a very short notice. This also helped the women generate income during the time when there were not many income-generation options available.

Our products are sold online (B2B and B2C). Our happy Customers range across industries, domains and geographies. If you require customer references, please contact us and we will provide the relevant list. Among others, we have well-known Indian and Foreign corporates as customers. The Indian embassy in Paris is also one of them who bought tote bags to promote the Make in India project.

Pankh Products

At Pankh Handicrafts, the emphasis is on creating products that are made from eco-friendly raw materials which are sustainable. So the most common material used for all the products is cotton fabric, jute and linen.

Below is the full range of products manufactured at Pankh Handicrafts. 

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