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Pandemic assistance

Manish Shanbhag, 13th June 2021 (3 min read)

We are living through an unprecedented time. When the pandemic took us by surprise at the beginning of 2020, not many imagined that after 18 months, we’d still be struggling to cope up with its devastating effects. The pandemic has affected people in more ways than one. Some sectors and people who could transition quickly into remote working, building their online offers and capabilities, could absorb the shock of the economic downturn. Some others weren’t as lucky. Sectors where people worked on the field and didn’t depend on technology were the ones to bear the brunt. Eg: Construction industry, manufacturing industry (shopfloor workers), agriculture and similar others.

We, at Pankh, have seen the impact on our staff as well. Our fabrication unit and office were both shut for a while during the strict lockdown. While our staff wanted to work and not take any unpaid leaves (we covered for that later as well), it showed a situation where continuous income generation was absolutely vital for families.

During (and even before) this time, Pankh came up with a variety of initiatives like the Gyan Vardhini Yojna (supporting childrens’ education), Pankh PaaThshaala (online pro-bono classes), happy and safe periods (reusable sanitary pads distribution) and many others (you can see details here).

While there were tough times for millions of families all over the world, we did our best, in our capacity, to contribute to alleviate some problems of a few families and we are happy that we could help. Surely, we will continue to do so. On the occasion of the launch of our website on 19th June 2021, we’ve committed to distribute to 100 needy families in around Chikodi, some food and health amenities that’ll last for some weeks. For this, we thank profusely our donors and volunteers on and off the field. It’s our endeavor that we continue such activities and appeal to people to assist some unlucky and unfortunate families in one’s own capacity. If you wish to collaborate with Pankh, we’d be extremely pleased.

Let’s make lives better.