Pankh India


Grocery bags : perfect for shopping varied things and keeping them separated with these unique compartments that don’t let your veggies mix with your cereals.

Shopping bags : spacious, sturdy, stitched to perfection to allow ease of handling.

Pouches : travel pouches to accommodate your toiletries that can be tucked safely in the confines of your travel bags.

Wallets (for men and women) : women’s wallets designed to match colorful attire for all occasions. Can hold a lot of your daily essentials including keys, mobile and much more.

Fridge Bags : A set of three cotton bags in different sizes, with zip, to store dry food in the fridge to keep it fresh for long

Shoe Bags : A unique and fun way to carry your shoes while traveling. This collapsible bag can accommodate three pairs of shoes at once and its square shape enables it to fit in a suitcase with ease

Shirt Organizer : This shirt-shaped organizer is the perfect way to store and carry your shirts. It's exact size ensures the folded shirt stays in shape for long.

Slings : Slings are a women's best friend when it comes to carrying your things on the go and yet being hands free. Pankh slings are made of durable material and come in aesthetic designs and patterns.

Saree and Blouse Organizer : This saree and blouse organizer comes in convenient size to accommodate sarees and matching blouses at one place

Potlis : Pankh brings you a wide range of potli bags to carry along with your stylish sarees and dresses while attending functions and parties.

Gathree Bags : Gathree Saree bags which were once the preferred mode of storing precious silks are back in vogue. These mulmul bags can be tied up and stored in your cupboard.

Yoga Mat : High quality Yoga mats for your comfortable yoga sessions. Each rolled mat comes in an easy-to-carry round bag.

Fridge Cover : Give your fridge the cover that protects it from dust and rust. Comes with pockets to store those small knick knacks at home.

Samosa Bag and Lunch Bag : Samosa bag is so named for its unique shape like a delectable Samosa. It opens up to free plenty of space within. Easy to carry along like a bag and spacious to open up and do some last minute shopping too. The sturdy lunch bag can carry your lunch box and a water bottle within

Jute Bags : Pankh makes Jute bags to hold your water bottles and other shopping essentials.

Gym Bags : You value fitness above everything else. Pankh brings you gym bags to carry all your gym essentials. Easy to carry , stylish to flaunt