What we do

We not only give wings to the dreams of People with Disabilities (PwD)  but also make sure that they are able to fly and reach their destination. We not only show them dreams but also help them fulfil it. Through the participation and commitment of our various partners, we are striving towards not only creating employment opportunities for the PwD but also creating an inclusive workplace culture where these youngsters can perform ably and confidently.


As we all know, Indian retail is a growing industry, employing 43 million people, with manpower costs adding up to 7 per cent of total costs in retail. As the need for a skilled workforce continues to grow unabated, retail industry is facing a multitude of challenges. Shortage of trained manpower, over 6 per cent monthly attrition and increasingly disengaged front-end staff are the 3 major challenges being faced by the industry, putting a greater onus on discovering and tapping new talents.


PwD, with a population of 70 million but less than 1 per cent employed, is an untapped source of manpower that provides a unique opportunity to venture into.  PwD can create diversity which is good for the business because they not only improve workplace morale and elevate customer service but are untapped resources of skills and talent who only helps in enhancing various business opportunities


The corporate can also benefit through a lower monthly attrition of 3.3 per cent comparted to the industry figure of 6.8 per cent. Coupled by EPF / ESI benefit rewarded by Government to organizations for PwD. Testimonials of employers of PwD reveal that besides being more productive, they also extend a positive influence on fellow employees leading to positive impact on employee engagement and they also drive positive customer word of mouth.