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We are on the same mission. Bringing joys to the lives of people who need just a little 'push' is what we aim to achieve. For us, our goal is to see each individual capable of moving ahead in life with respect and dignity no matter what kind of disability he / she is facing. So why not join hands to ensure that together we value add and complement each other wherever we can in achieving this goal.


At Pankh, we welcome like-minded NGOs. In fact, the inspiration behind the launch of Pankh has been the work done by Meera Shenoy's Youth 4 Jobs Foundation. 


Pankh plays the role of catalyst. Supports NGOs across the country who work with youths with disabilities to empower them with employment opportunities. We do understand that not all NGOs on this mission have the much needed resources and network to support employment of PwDs and that is where we come in the picture. At Pankh we not only aid the training program that is best suited for the retail sector but also take it to the next level by helping the trained PwD to find suitable employment as per their ability.

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