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As a boy from a small town with a hearing disability, Atul hoped to ease his family’s financial burdens after completing 10th grade. He searched in vain for a company that would look beyond his disability and give him a job. Then he made his way to Pankh in Mumbai. He landed a job as a cashier at Lifestyle at Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. In 3 years his salary has doubled, he’s completing his graduation and dreams of buying  a home for his parents he’s completing his graduation and dreams of buying  a home for his parents 

Be the Change. Your support can play a vital part in empowering others on a path out of despair and into a hope-filled future.
Below are a number of ways you can get involved.
You can support a PwD by sponsoring their meals and stationary or you could simply create an opportunity for them where they can earn and be self-reliant.
  1. Create a livelihood for a person with disability - Rs 12,250/month
  1. Donate for their meals during training - Rs 100/day (residential program)
  1. Donate stationary - Rs 1100 per student
Take Action
You can help us spread our wings by
Get Connected
Are you looking for ways you can help change lives in real and lasting ways? These simple steps will allow you to become an advocate for the PwD.
  • Become a trainer for a day where you can teach soft skills, English, basic computer knowledge
  • Become our fund raiser
  • Talk about PANKH and its initiatives on your social networking profiles
  • Introduce PANKH at your workplace, help us connect with your HR & CSR team
  • Put up our posters , distribute our leaflets at retail outlets and spread awareness
  • Talk to your local NGOs and retailers about PANKH and encourage them to become our partners
  • Allow our PWD youths to spend a day at a retail outlet
  • Refer a PwD
You have a different idea in mind?
No problem! You can reach us at  and share your idea because no help is too little for our friends
Change Lives
· Donating computer, laptops or any other IT software.

You can support us