WINGS OF INSPIRATION: Leelavathi’s Story

Born to an underprivileged family in Shimoga District, Karnataka, her father could barely support his wife and five children. To further his woes, Leelavathi was afflicted with polio at the tender age of 5. Thanks to the support of her family, she managed to complete her B.E and Diploma in Computer Science Engineering course from Bangalore. Luck, however, did not favour her in her job pursuit. IT companies chose to look at her disability rather than her determination and finally, she had to settle for jobs in small BPOs. 3 years later, weary of late night shifts and the constant discomfort of wearing a headset, she quit.Around that time, Leelavathi’s father attended a Pankh mobilization event and encouraged her to take it further. She underwent retail training for 60 days at Alamba Charitable Trust, one of the partners. Initially, she was diffident about finding a job, as experience had taught her otherwise, but soon her confidence grew along with her aptitude for Life Skills and Retail Modules Training. Today, Leelavathi is a CRM Executive at CKC Company. She is thankful to Pankh for helping her to not only dream, but dream big. She aims to rise to the position of Corporate Manager in the Administration Department. It has been just a month, but is already receiving praise for her performance from Vijender Singh, Head HR for CKC.