Mukkela Koulutla

Mukkella Koulutla is working with Cinemax, Inorbit Mall, Madhapur as Customer Care Executive (CCE) for a Salary of Rs 7500. His Job is to work in Box Office and handle the Cafés cashier desk. Its been 6 months now and Mukkella doesn't want to go anywhere but instead progress in the same entertainment industry. He loves serving the customers and is very attached to his team whom he considers to be his extended family. From a boy whom people would say, “ what will happen to him. Where will he go. What will he do in his life” to someone whom not only his family but his community and society looks upto.. Mukkella has come a long way. He has also been able to send Rs.3000 every month back home, after meeting all his expenses. But all this wouldn’t have been possible without Pankh.