Khadhar Valli

Khadhar Valli, a dwarf who suffers from a heart desease from childhood, has always been the butt of all jokes and insults in his hometown Gurramkonda mandal, Chittoor district. Due to continuous mocking, Khadar developed low self esteem and also dropped out of college. It was at this time that his friend suggested to him the unique program at Pankh, Tirupati training centre. In the beginning, Khadar was very reluctant to participate in any activity and also doubted the credibility of the program. But after learning English, soft skills, computers and retail, he gained confidence and was soon recruited by café coffee day as a trainee in Chennai with a salary of Rs 5,200. Within a period of 3 months, his dedication and his commitment towards service won him the best employee of the month award. Now he is able to supports his family as well as continue his education through distance learning.